Innovation systems of the hidden fasteners for woodwork invitie

The INVITIE company has been developing and implementing systems of hidden fasteners for woodwork for more than 10 years. The following types are used in building and woodwork interiors and exteriors of any complexity level:

- concealed fixing for mounting support and floor beam structures for vertical and horizontal decking (walkable roofs, highly loaded terraces, wooden facades)
- concealed fixing for terrace/facade planks from different timber species (soft, medium, dense, exotic)  and different profiles (straight, beveled, grooving planks with any parameters)
- concealed fixing for assembling decorative woodwork, designer wooden ceilings, wall/ceiling panels, fences and hedges.

Concealed fixing systems INVITIE take into account timber characteristics and peculiarities of the  facility, provide the durability and the long life cycle of the assembled structure, exclude the possibility of casting during seasonal changes when connected with metal.

INVITIE fittings are produced in Russia (Saint Petersburg) from high quality steel with zinc galvanic coating or from stainless steel.

The advantages of concealed mounting are obvious:

1. concealed fittings do not damage the face of terraced/faсade planks, which is an important condition of the long lifetime and beautiful appearance of terraced or faсade planking;

2. concealed fittings allow leaving a required space between a plank and a construction beam/joist, which ensures enough ventilation and reliable protection of the whole structure;

3. concealed fittings, using a special connection method and safe fixing of a plank on a construction beam, make naturally curving terrace planks straight again.
4. concealed fittings compensate for tension, seasonal expansion and moveability of each terrace plank separately and the whole assembled terrace structure;

5. concealed fittings allow removing and substituting damaged planks of the platform.


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